Monday, January 22, 2018

Finding Peace (Philosophy & Inspiration)

 For several years after graduating from Keene State college I dare not go near that town. If I ever had to go by it, I would take the long way around as to avoid even passing through it. The reason being the pain, shame and failure I associated with my college experience and the physical space that insulated it from the outside world. I won't go into the details as to why I felt this way as it would be less of a blog post and more of a novella! Today however was different. Today I sought it out going out of my way to drive to Keene and eat at the dining commons where I am now typing this blog entry. I noticed as I walked down the main through faire on campus that was head was on a swivel, taking in all of the familiar angles of buildings in which I attended classes, lost my mind, experienced passionate romances and fleeting connections alike and even presented the cumulative work of my time spent as an undergrad. Unlike my last visit to campus I was in a clear headspace and I was alone, and to my great satisfaction I felt a peace within me, like a crystal clear pool of cool water, unmolested, high above in the forested craigs of Mount Monadnock. I had made peace with this space, and it was moving, causing tears to well in my eyes as I smiled and thought on all of the progress I had made and growth I had experienced since walking this very path on graduation day five years prior.

Keep growing and experiencing life my travelers and friends!
💗 Nick

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