Monday, January 22, 2018

Part 2 of My Reasons for becoming a vehicular nomad. (Philosophy & Inspiration)

Postdated from 04/01/2017

 Home is such a nebulous concept. For some people it is a structure, for others it is a person, or group of people, and for a few select intrepid travelers it is simply wherever they find themselves to be. I  have always struggled with the concept of home.

I feel most comfortable whilst being engaged and challenged physically, even emotionally to a lesser degree. Due to this fact, stagnancy, repetition, routine are dreadful to me. They are the bane of my existence. Once inactivity becomes routine for me I lose interest in social activities that I once found fun, I become morose and even shower and brush my teeth far less frequently. Lack of stimulation and change create mentally illness within me. I have been diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder type II. Over the years of my adult life I have come to learn, with great pride, what agitates my mental dis-ease. Living in a traditional non-mobile dwelling was one of these things. It allowed me, all too easily, to remain unchallenged and inactive. However, it is important to find balance between inactivity and over activity. I digress, as that is a whole different can of worms best suited for a fitness/spirituality blog. Every choice in life comes at an opportunity cost. There are negatives as well as positives to every choice. With this being said, I cannot say that living in a vehicle is glamorous, or easy, but it brings me closer to reality and what makes me happiest. Everything is more challenging, from doing dishes/making food, to taking a shower. However, the upside of this is that your ability to cook meals and provide sustenance for yourself is much more meaningful. That hot shower that was once a 15 second walk away, now involves a 15 minute drive across town and is a luxury to be relished and held sacred. These small challenges help keep me sharp, active and fulfilled. When maintaining ones hygiene and dietary needs is more difficult, it is more of an achievement once that need is fulfilled. I enjoy the following analogy: pioneers headed West across what was then a wild middle America, filled with obstacles and dangers had to expend much larger amounts of effort to accomplish tasks that today, seem inconsequential due to modern conveniences, such as electric tools and appliances. Living in a vehicle has allowed me the mental space away from obligations and routines to uncover and even hone my creative skills.

 I had a hard time writing the tail end of this entry, so I apologize for the delay. Part 2 took a long time to write because there were so many countless life experiences, people I connected with, and media sources that served to inspire me in my quest for the ultimate life balance and led me down my current path. The more notable and recent of these inspirations were the decision to practice massage therapy and the countless hours spent absorbing youtube, blog and forum content on the topic of nomadic living. This research starting at a time before van life became #vanlife - a hashtag frequently used on Instagram. This research of course was due to a curiosity with pushing boundaries, social and societal norms that is very evident, especially if you read my more philosophical blog entries. If my desire to rebel against the prescribed societal standard was the fuel, then my blossoming career as an intuitive healer was the spark which lit the wildfire that consumed my heart and mind in a passionate blaze.

These are some sources that inspired me:

Bob Wells: ( )
Jed - Into The Mystery 13: ( )
Jamie (spelling?): ( )

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