Monday, January 22, 2018

Featured Weekly: The Kindness of a Stranger (Inspiration)

Post dated to 1/20/2018

 I did not know Duane, but as I left the Lowe's parking lot the plywood I forgot to strap down came flying off (I know boneheaded!) and being the type of person who helps those in need he stopped his truck behind the plywood, threw his flashers on and patiently waited for me to sprint back to retrieve it. Yelling out his window as I grabbed the plywood, “jump in!” I accepted the offer, throwing the sheet of plywood in his truck bed and climbing in the passenger seat. I thanked him as he drove towards my car, parked in a lot down the street. After introductions he helped me out by gifting me a cargo strapping and helping me secure my precious cargo. While securing the plywood we started talking about my project: rebuilding the bed inside of my mobile #homeonwheels. He was immediately intrigued, slightly concerned (a fear which I dissuaded quickly with my smiles & a few travel stories) and genuinely interested in helping me achieve maximum efficiency with my project; as he could clearly see space is at a premium while living in a Honda Fit. After discussing possible space saving options while constructing my bed platform we started talking about life on a broader scale. I told him I was a massage therapist and he said that he often needs therapists to staff weddings, corporate and social functions at his Inn and function space! Not only did I return to home base and finish my enlarged bed platform, but I had a very pleasant conversation with a generous man whom I may collaborate with. What an excellent day 😊 Now to continue my adventure!

Adventure on fellow freaks, geeks and weirdos!

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