Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Omnipresent Optimism (Advice/Inspiration)

 I want to speak on the non glamorous side of vehicle dwelling, as it does not get much attention in social media. It can be tough, stinky, boring, sleep depriving. This is what vehicle dwelling can be. We have all had one of those nights where you hunker down in your chosen sleep spot for the night. You open the laptop to see that you can’t see your phones hotspot. You glance at your phone, seeing one bar of service and let out an exasperated sigh. Well, it is only 9:30 pm and you are far from tired…I guess it is time to bust out a book. After a few minutes your stomach grumbles and you relieve yourself of some smelly  gases. “Oh sweet jesus,” you exclaim to no one in particular. You want to step out and get some air, but you know that would not be a wise move, due to the downpour happening right outside. So you have to suffer inside your small and smelly home on wheels, with no wifi, and no real desire to sleep. At this point you can do one of two things: get all whiney and butthurt about your predicament, or you can play the optimist card. The latter choice goes something like this: a weary smile grows into a hearty smirk and you laugh a good bit at yourself. Maybe then you think back on your previous life, living in a house or apartment and wonder how different life would be for you at this particular moment in time…maybe at this point you start to feel like a bit of a tit, as you know damn well that in your immobile home you could simply leave the stinky room behind and go for a walk with your rain gear on and that wifi is almost never a problem. Then you remember that rent check that you wrote every month, oh and those several utility bills…don’t forget about those grueling commutes to your 40+ hour a week job in order to pay for all of these things you now consider luxuries. Letting your head rest lightly on your pillow you cross your fingers and look up at your ceiling, basking in the lingering aroma of achievement. Your breathing becomes slower and deeper as you drift into sleep. Your last thoughts are of the mountain you are going to tackle in the morning and the well deserved luxury of a nude dip into the refreshing cold stream - all by yourself. I like to strive for the optimist card, as much as possible. It only puts a smile on your face in the end; besides not often in life can you change much in your given situation. So next time you are frustrated with where you’re at, try playing the optimist card… why not have a little fun at the expense of your dignity!

Keep your heads up and love to you all!

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